Príncipe displays a forgotten generation. A city on the edge of an international rehabilitation where João walks around a fervent desire to leave.

Director's Bio-Filmography

Born in Porto, Portugal in 1996, João Monteiro studied audiovisual arts in highschool. In 2014 he moved to London in order to attend the Foundation Film course at the London College of Comunication.
The following year he returned to Portugal to enroll at Escola Superior Artísticado Porto, where he worked as the director of two award-winning short-films, No Fim do Mar (2018), nominated for “Best School Film” at Sophia Awards 2019, and José (2019), winner of the Best Film Award at MIFEC (Mostra Internacional de Filmes de Escolas de Cinema). He has also participated in several film festivals in Portugal as well as abroad, including FANTASPORTO (Portugal), Curtas de Vila do Conde International Film Festival (Portugal), FEST: New Directors, New Films (Portugal), Salón Internacional de la Luz (Bogotá, Colombia), IBAFF - Festival Internacional de Murcia (Spain) and and Oaxaca FilmFest (Mexico).
Following up on collaborations with FITEI - International Festival of Iberian Expression and video/film production company PIXBEE, he now releases his third short-film, also financed by ICA - Instituto do Cinema e o Audiovisual, Príncipe.

Cast & Crew

Written and Directed by JOÃO MONTEIRO   Starring NUNO NOLASCO, JOSÉ LEITE, MARIANA GUARDA E SARA GONÇALVES  Cinematography ANDRÉ AMARAL     Executive Producer PEDRO MAGANO     Production MARIA MOREIRA e TÂNIA TEIXEIRA     Sound Direction FILIPE ALVES     Image Assistant BRUNO TEIXEIRA     Make-up ALEXANDRA COELHO     Original Soundtrack Original PEDRO MARQUES     Montage and Post-Production JOÃO MONTEIRO     Colour Correction ANDRÉ AMARAL e JOÃO MONTEIRO     Wardrobe ORNITORRINCO     Bikes provided by AFACYCLE   



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